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Our Courses offer the most advanced, hands-on, evidence-guided continuing education that can be used to take your clients’ to the next level of health and performance.

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Our courses are tailored to the advancement benefits of physical therapists, chiropractic physicians, osteopathic physicians, occupational therapists, PTAs, OTAs, massage therapists, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, Crossfit coaches yoga instructors and more to best provide the safest and most effective methods in helping clients improve their quality of movement to eliminate pain and maximize performance. As rehab and training sources, our solution arsenal must stay well-groomed and continually advance to best acquaint the steady flow of client problems that continue to present. More…

Upcoming Courses

exercise is regenerative Medicine: a functional kinetic chain approach

presented by Geraci spine and sports medicine


DNS Exercise 3 – NYC

postponed to 2021 – date tba

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You will walk away from Motus Education courses with new and exciting rehabilitation and training knowledge and practical skills. These skills and knowledge will increase your confidence that you are 100% better equipped to sufficiently solve the many health and performance puzzling problems of your clients’ most troubling concerns. Your clients will be on their way to enhanced health and performance through our safe and effective rehabilitation and training methods that will allow them to move with a much higher quality through life. Become the best rehab and training professional that you can possibly be!