Ground Up Power – Squat Focused Workshop

Course Description & Schedule

Christian Anto, Elite FTS sponsored athelete, and Dr. Bob Newhalfen, DC, DNSP, DNSET, GRIP of Motus Integrative Health present GROUND UP POWER – Squat Focused workshop.

Christian Anto

Christian began his athletic career in high school as a soccer player. He continued his soccer career into college playing for a NJCAA school in Madison, Wisconsin. From there he turned to the weight room to extend his athletic goals and transitioned into studying Human Health Sciences. During his transition, he crossed paths with NBS Fitness gym owner David Allen. After several months, Christian converted his educational focus to Exercise Sports Sciences where he has earned his bachelor’s degree and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification. Christian is also a competitive powerlifter who has gained elite totals in three weight classes and stays competitive in the 181-pound class with a 1770 total. He is very passionate about his training and brings that intensity to his clients. Christian has a very technical eye for movement mechanics, particularly when it comes to powerlifting. He currently resides in Highland, Indiana working out of Illinana Power Asylum. Christian is ready to share his knowledge and help clients become strong and healthy while reaching their personal fitness goals.

Dr. Bob Newhalfen

Bob Newhalfen is a 2010 graduate of National University of Health Sciences (NUHS). While at NUHS, Dr. Newhalfen received extensive training in the areas of diagnosis, adjustive technique, rehabilitation, gait analysis, soft tissue therapy, kinesio taping, nutrition, and acupuncture. After graduation, he has continued post-graduate coursework in the areas of motion palpation, biomechanics, McKenzie Therapy, functional rehabilitation, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), Active Release Technique (ART), Global Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention (GRIP), pediatric rehabilitation, temporomandibular dysfunction (TMJ and TMD) and various other areas. Dr. Newhalfen has completed over 1000 hours of post-graduate coursework outside of his Chiropractic education.

Course Outline:

12:00om-12:30pm: Awareness, particularly of static positioning, from a Biomechanical Perspective.

  • Awareness of squat positioning

12:30pm-2:15pm: Understanding of Squat and a Ground Up Progression with Squat Variations.

  • Supine and Prone exercises
  • Side lying exercises
  • Quadruped exercises
  • Sitting exercises
  • Transitional exercises
  • Squat: body weight w/ mods and variations
  • Review of awareness and positional deficiencies/compensations often seen and what they mean

2:15pm-2:30pm – Break


  • Human Movement
    • Unloaded vs Loaded
  • Proper Posture from a Power Lifting Perspective
    • Unloaded vs Loaded
  • Breathing VS Bracing
    • separate vs together
  • Awareness, particularly of static positioning, from a Power Perspective.
    • Awareness of squat positioning


  • Cueing: Squat
  • Mechanics workshop – Squat

Instructors: Christian Anto & Bob Newhalfen, DC, DNSP, DNSET, GRIP

Course: Ground Up Power – Squat Focused Workshop

Course Date: November 9, 2019

Course Time: 12pm-4pm

Course L​ocation:  Revolution Fitness, 1123 Merrillville Rd, Crown Point, IN 46307

Cost:  $50